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Understanding the different channel strips, part 1

When writing and composing music in Logic Pro there are a variety of different options for the different types of audio that might be used in the composition process. In this tutorial, we’ll focus on 3 specific types of track in this tutorial:   Audio Tracks; strictly for passing audio Software Instruments; strictly for software instruments including logic’s own package… Read more →

Recording Midi Instruments – Use templates!

Following on from the Recording Audio Templates tutorial, we’ll focus on creating a templates made using software instruments. If you’re an electronic producer or involved in projects containing lots of software instruments, setting up templates of your workflow will save you lots of time. Read more →

Set up your audio device with Logic Pro

Adding a sound card can sometimes be tricky. There are lots of different manufacturers, all offering different functions and features, and finding the right one can be a challenge. Installing the one you’ve chosen can also be difficult. Read more →

Recording audio – use templates!

One of my favourite features of Logic Pro is the ability to create templates. If you’re a musician, you’ll want to strike while the iron is hot. After all, the riff you’ve come up with could be a real life changer for you. Read more →

Why use Logic Pro 9?

There are many reasons why you would use Apple’s logic Pro 9. I am a current user because I have worked for many years in version 9. There have been many incarnations of Logic Pro and Logic Pro X (the latest version) was a very highly anticipated release. I often find I go back to Logic 9, because thats what… Read more →

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