Splitting stereo files into mono in Logic Pro X

Depending on the type of projects that you work with, there are times when you’ll be sent stereo audio files. These could be stems from another studio, or they could be samples which you would like to manipulate. Logic will enable you to manipulate the individual channels, but finding out how is not clearly marked. As the old adage goes “It’s always in the last place you look”!


Pre-flight check


1. An empty logic project

2. A working audio interface to hear back the audio

3. A sample form the apple loops library


Getting started


Open up a Logic Pro project


Open logic


Once logic has done it’s preflight checks, it will open up the start screen to select a project. For the purposes of this tutorial, select an “EMPTY PROJECT”.


empty project


Create an audio track when prompted. For the purposes of the tutorial, it is not necessary to select an input.


select audio source


Once the audio track is created, open up the library.


no library


Select the “44th Street Medium” audio file and drag it into the arrange window.


44th street medium


Play the audio file by hitting the space bar. The audio file will play in stereo. To change the audio file into a mono source, make sure that the inspector is open and select the channel strip for the audio file. Click and hold the little box next to “INPUT”.


input field


A pop up box will appear with a variety of different options.




Select “LEFT” or “RIGHT” to listen to the corresponding channel. Once a side is selected, Logic will display two coloured dots. The side that is being played will be displayed by a light grey circle. The side that is not being displayed will display a dark grey circle.




And thus concludes this tutorial!


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