Using colours to organise entire audio files

One useful tool for managing the different tracks in your project is by using colours. In some projects, I’ve often grouped instruments by colour. For example, for all drum tracks, I’ve used “red”. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up the audio tracks to automatically record with colour.


Preflight check


  1. Make sure your audio device is set up correctly
  2. An empty project or template that has no audio in


Getting started


Open up a logic project in the usual way.


logic pre check


Once opened, select a template or create a new project with a few audio tracks in.


create tracks


Highlight the track that you would like to define the colour for. Open the colour manager by using a shortcut “ALT + C”. The currently selected colour (which is the default) will be displayed.


select track 2


Select a colour that you would like for the track by clicking the colour box.


select track 1

To change the next track, push down on your keypad. The colour manager will change to the colour selected for the current track again.


select track 2


Once you are happy with the selections you have made. Record arm the tracks you want to record and record some test audio. The lanes will be “RED” when they are in record. Once you come out of record, the recorded audio files will turn to the colours that you have selected.




Voila, and that’s it.

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