How to change sample rate

Why would I care about sample rate? Well if you’re an audiophile, you might be wanting to get higher resolution on your recordings. But what is sample rate?

Sample rate is the number of samples of audio carried per second, measured in Hz or kHz (one kHz being 1 000 Hz) –” 

Certain media industries use different sample rates because of the higher resolution perceived by the end user. Common sample rates used are shown below:

  • 44,100hz; commonly used on commercially available CD’s. Most audio is recorded at higher resolutions and “BOUNCED” down to lower resolutions such as 44,100hz to be used on CD players
  • 48,000hz; commonly used on digital video equipment such as tape recorders, video servers etc. If working in TV or film, this is sometimes the common sample rate used.
  • 96,000hz; used on Blu Ray DVD’s, HD DVD’s. 96k is double the 48k frequency mentioned above.


Preflight check


  1. Make sure your audio device is set up correctly
  2. An empty project or template that has no audio in


Getting started


Open up a logic project as has become custom


open logic pro x


The logic “Pre-check” will load as usual


logic pre check


Logic Pro X usually starts with the Apple defined starting projects. For this tutorial, it’s necessary to just select the “EMPTY PROJECT”.


empty project


Logic will pre-select the software instrument panel. Select the “AUDIO” tab to populate the audio information.


audio tab


Create as many tracks as deemed necessary but for this tutorial, as a demonstration, only one track will be created.


audio track


To change the sample rate, go to “FILE” that is located on the top information bar of the computer window. Click “FILE”, find “PROJECT SETTINGS” and click “AUDIO”.



Once selected a pop up arrives displaying the audio settings for the project. The pre defined sample rate of a project is usually 44,100hz. In this example, a higher sample rate is required.




There is a drop down menu located next to “SAMPLE RATE”. Click the dropdown. This will display all the possible options that Logic can perform. In this example, the resolution that is desired is 96,000hz. Click the dropdown and select 96,000hz.


sample select


To save having to repeat the process in the future, create a template. To do that, make sure all the desired audio tracks are ready in the project. Click “FILE”, and click “SAVE AS TEMPLATE”.


save as template


Save the template as something recognisable like “96k audio project”. Logic will automatically select the save path for the template. Name the project and hit “SAVE”.




Once happy, close the project, but DON’T save the project.


don't save


Now create a new project in Logic. Under “MY TEMPLATES” the template just created should appear. Click the icon and Voila! Just to check, follow the steps above to see that the sample rate has been saved.


96k template

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